DALLAS – November 30, 2021 – Velvet Taco, 这是一家以达拉斯为基地的流行餐厅,提供全球风味的墨西哥卷饼, today announced that Leonard Green & Partners, L.P. acquired a majority stake in Velvet Taco from L Catterton, the largest global consumer-focused private equity firm, and FB Society (formerly Front Burner Restaurants), which spearheaded the creation of Velvet Taco ten years ago. L 卡特顿和FB Society将在该公司保留大量少数股权. 在这笔交易中,阿灵顿资本公司是Velvet Taco的独家财务顾问.

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Velvet Taco

receives significant investment from

November 10, 2021 – Bell’s Brewery founder, Larry Bell announced that he has reached an agreement with Lion, an Australian based brewer, for the sale of Bell’s. Lion acquired Colorado’s New Belgium Brewing in 2019. 这一举动将看到密歇根的工艺酿酒师一起与新比利时-对准两个伟大的美国工艺酿酒师.  皇冠hg0088ch在这笔交易中担任贝尔啤酒厂的财务顾问.

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Bell’s Brewery, Inc.

to be acquired by

Oct. 11, 2021 — BurgerFi International Inc. (Nasdaq: BFI, BFIIW) (“BurgerFi” ), 通过BurgerFi品牌,该公司拥有全国增长最快的高端休闲快餐概念之一, 今天宣布已经达成了收购安东尼煤炭披萨的最终协议 & Wings (“Anthony’s”) from L Catterton for approximately $161.3 million. 皇冠hg0088ch在交易中担任安东尼的财务顾问.

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Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza & Wings

has been acquired by

The purpose-driven, values-based, socially conscious, 技术支持的全国移动和垃圾清除特许经营大学帅哥搬运垃圾 & 最近,移动®公司接受了来自萨斯奎哈纳私人资本公司(Susquehanna Private Capital)的少数股权投资,以及两位前国际特许经营协会(IFA)主席——大卫·巴尔(David Barr)和谢利·孙(Shelly Sun).

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College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving

has received an investment from

Propelled Brands, the corporate umbrella of FASTSIGNS International. Inc., which is the franchisor of FASTSIGNS®领先标识、图形和视觉传播特许经营以及NerdsToGo®, an emerging IT services franchise brand, today announced its acquisition of Suite Management Franchising, LLC. 套房管理特许经营有限责任公司(“SMF”或“公司”)是MY SALON套房的母公司® and Salon Plaza®, two rapidly-growing salon suite franchisors.

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Suite Management Franchising

has been acquired by

Orem, UT – May 7, 2021 Kneaders Bakery & Cafe (“Kneaders”, “the Company”), a Utah-based, fast casual bakery and café concept, 该公司宣布已获得加内特站合作伙伴的一笔重大投资,这将使Kneaders公司能够为其现有债务再融资. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Kneaders Bakery & Café由加里和科琳·沃辛顿于1997年创立,旨在通过美味服务于他们的社区, scratch made breads, sandwiches, salads, soups and pastries. Kneaders restaurants are made to provide guests with a comfortable, 邀请地方花时间与家人和朋友,同时享受独特的创作与最高质量的成分. 客人可以在一天的任何时间享受揉面器,从标志性的厚实肉桂法式吐司在早上,脆沙拉在午餐,丰盛的汤和三明治为晚餐…和颓废的糕点在一天的任何时间. In addition to serving their valued guests, Kneaders团队也努力改善他们的工作人员和他们居住的社区的生活. 这不仅仅是关于美味的面包,尽管这确实让一切变得更好.

The Company currently operates 54 locations across Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, 该公司的业务模式适应性极强,在几乎所有地点都设有免下车窗口,并改进了移动应用程序,方便在线订购,使Kneaders在新冠疫情的商业环境中迅速转向并取得了早期成功.

Howard Norowitz, Partner and Head of Debt Capital Markets at Garnett Station, said, “我们非常高兴与Kneaders团队合作,为他们提供资金,帮助他们成长和实现他们的全部潜力.”

“We are delighted to have served as advisor for Kneaders,” said Bill Kraus, Managing Director at Arlington Capital Advisors. “This is a tremendous outcome for an extremely strong brand, 随着该公司在该地区的持续增长,我们期待着跟随它的脚步.”

Arlington Capital Advisors的负责人担任Kneaders Bakery的独家财务顾问 & Café,担任Arlington Capital Services, LLC注册证券代理,美国金融业监管局/ SIPC成员.

About Kneaders Bakery & Café
Kneaders Bakery & Café was founded by Gary and Colleen Worthington in 1997 in Orem, Utah. It’s an award-winning, 快速休闲餐厅,只使用最高质量的食材,创造新鲜的欧洲壁炉面包, delicious sandwiches, mouth-watering pastries, hearty soups, and refreshing salads, all made in-house each day. 所有的捏合店都设有零售区,除了提供餐饮服务外,还提供各种定制和主题礼品篮. Kneaders Bakery & Cafe currently operates locations in six states. For more information, visit www.kneaders.com.

About Garnett Station Partners
Founded in 2013 by Managing Partners Matt Perelman and Alex Sloane, 加内特站合伙人管理着超过7.5亿美元的资本,专注于特许经营业务的发展, consumer and services businesses. The firm has established a strong track record of partnering with franchisors, founders, and experienced management teams to enhance growth and build value.
For more information on Garnett Station Partners, visit www.garnettstation.com.

About Arlington Capital Advisors
皇冠hg0088ch是一家精品投资银行,专门为中间市场企业提供咨询服务. 阿灵顿专注于为其客户提供战略建议,包括卖方和买方的合并和收购, sourcing growth capital, minority recapitalizations, 债务筹集和其他以资本为中心的战略选择,为企业在广泛的行业具有特定的重点和专业的hg3088皇冠业务. Securities offered through Arlington Capital Advisors Services, LLC.
For more information on Arlington Capital Advisors, visit www.jobs.emdeebeebee.com.

Kneaders Bakery & Cafe

has received an investment from

Diageo announces it has acquired Far West Spirits LLC, owner of the Lone River Ranch Water (‘Lone River’) brand. Lone River是一款硬苏打水,灵感来自流行的经典德州“牧场水”鸡尾酒. Lone River was founded in 2019 by native Texan, Katie Beal Brown. 凯蒂将保留少数股权,并继续领导公司的日常工作, as Chief Executive Officer of the brand. 她将与帝亚吉欧北美领导层密切合作,进一步推动Lone River的成功.

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Lone River Beverage Company

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November 2020

Aphria Inc., a leading global cannabis company, announced it has closed the accretive, strategic acquisition of  SW Brewing Company, LLC, 美国最大的独立手工酿酒厂之一. Beginning with the flagship 420 beverage offerings, SweetWater has created an award-winning lineup of year-round, seasonal and specialty beers, a portfolio of brands closely aligned with a cannabis lifestyle.

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SweetWater Brewing

acquired by


a restaurant concept of
Birmingham, AL

Arlington Capital Advisors, a leading consumer investment bank, 今天宣布,其负责人在其与Conversion venture Capital(“CVC2”)的合资伙伴关系中担任The Restaurant Group plc(“TRG”)的独家财务顾问,并担任财务合伙人和Robert Cornog Jr. 以及理查德•弗莱厄蒂(Richard Flaherty)担任TRG wagamama美国业务发展的运营合作伙伴.

Atwater Brewery

has been acquired by
Birmingham, AL

Arlington Capital Advisors, LLC, a leading consumer-focused investment bank, 阿特沃特啤酒公司签署了一项协议,将被莫尔森康胜饮料公司的美国子公司收购.S. craft division, Tenth and Blake Beer Company.